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New York State Budget for 2004-2005

Recently it has been revealed that Governor Pataki is seeking to extend the deadline for enforcing New York's valid and lawful tax laws on non-Indian transaction on Indian land. The reason asserted by him to justify this request is to give him time to negotiate tax agreements with the various Indian nations and tribes. These tax agreements are prohibited by the New York Constitution.

In the same budget he is delaying the collection of these taxes which have been estimated at $436 million he is proposing new fees and tax increases that total $1 billion.

212 members of our State Legislature is up for re-election this year. UCE urges you to write to your representative in the State Assembly and Senate and advise them that if they agree to this delay you will not vote for them in November!

Click here to read UCE's Comments on the 2004-2005 State Budget!

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Below are the documents relating to the Executive Budget for 2004-2005 together with relevent articles.

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