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Here is what you can do.

These issues affect everyone whether or not you live in the area. Someone you know is affected by them or will potentially become affected by one.

Learn the facts. Contact Upstate Citizens for Equality (UCE) members. Attend UCE meetings, which are open to the public, and show support by joining UCE, which has free membership.

Contact your political party committees. They can write their state and federal representatives. They can pass resolutions of support and pass them on to their state and federal committees to be included as platforms.

If you really want to make a difference you must register and exercise your RIGHT TO VOTE!

Based on FEC data on the 2000 election there were 13,805,000 people in New York that were of voting age. Of those only 11,262,816 or 81.6% were registered to vote. Of those that were registered to vote only 6,960,215 voted which is 61.8% of registered voters and 50.4% of all New Yorkers of voting age.

Register to vote using the New York Voter Registration Form.

Use this map to obtain the address to mail or deliver the completed form to!

Communicate your positions to your elected representatives by clicking here!

Contact politicians. It is best to contact them in person, second best by phone. Mail and e-mail is often responded to with form letters from staff. Hand written letters can be most effective. Below is a listing of legislation that is currently proposed, contact your representatives and urge them to pass these bills!

Attend County, Town, and Village board meetings. Your presence is effective and motivational.

Write letters to the editor and express your support and rebut slanted or incorrect "news" reports.

Ask ANY group that may have a lobbyist to work for YOU. For individuals these could include AARP, AAA (state and county roads run through reservations lands and 'different' laws could apply.) For businesses: any and all chambers of commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses, NYS Business Council, small business administrations, plus the specialty groups.

Boycott Indian owned non-taxpaying businesses, which fund the opponents of these issues (Casinos, Gas Stations, Smoke Shops, etc.). Support and protect all local businesses.

Reverse soliciting phone calls. Use their time to get the word out regarding these issues (handout available).

Post a sign in your yard - signs prompt questions about the land claim.

Carry UCE membership forms and copies of UCE literature and distribute them wherever you go.

Volunteer to work on a UCE projects.

Tell everyone about our UCE web site: If you have a website of your own include a link to us and at your request we will include a link to your site!

Politicians: What You Must Do.

As politicians you have been elected to represent your constituents, you have an obligation to protect their best interests. Therefore it is expected that you:

Listen to your constituents - they are the reason you are in office.

Publicly announce your support and express your views of theses issues.

Introduce legislation to resolve these issues, and encourage other politicians to do the same.

Pass necessary legislation making all races equal under one set of laws and compelling equal enforcement of all laws, rule, regulations and policies.

Refuse to accept anything less than the full protection of the rights and freedoms of your constituents.

Urge the appeal of any court rulings promoting inequities based on race.

Continue to keep the public informed of your activities and make yourself accessible for questions from concerned citizens.

Most impotantly for individuals and our elected representatives is to VOTE at every opportunity to support these principles.

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